Sunrise Slab 2021

  • James Lee, Manufacturing: KINO
  • 2020-2021
  • 2021

Figurative and Abstract
Keywords: Logic & Analysis

Design is a process of extracting the concrete and embodying the abstract. Magnify the details and bring the simple things into focus. See the world from an Eastern perspective and see the East from a global perspective. To present something new in the light of familiarity requires extraordinary talent, and that is the charm of design. Like two souls from different spaces encountering each other, or like a conversation between two versions of yourself. It leads you on an unknown adventure. In order to achieve this, designers need to use logic and control, all while focusing on injecting emotion into the space.

Design is not only about portraying the world. Just as music, is about exchanging emotions through the use of different notes. So too design is about communicating emotion through small details in space.

Insightful design is a journey that starts from the heart. Some people take a whole lifetime to reach this destination. Some wise people are born with talent and they can switch freely between the abstract and the concrete to create the extraordinary.

Find the inner voice and simplify the facts — it will lead you to uncover the essence. From there a unique design language is formed and applied throughout the space – that’s so-called extraction.

To find something concrete that intimately relates to yourself and to create a design theme from there is certainly not easy. The bigger the gap between your own background and the project, the more challenging It becomes.